The World #1 Bid Management Platform

• Profile elements to assess the likelihood of a bid to be successful.

• Gather information scattered across the Organisation.

• Rapidly construct a winning commercial response to a bid, RFI, RFP or tender.

We know what it takes to win.

Reduce Overheads

• In todays highly competitive market the scarce resources of pre-sales and sales personnel need to be deployed to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
• Time and effort spent on unproductive opportunities is a cost that must be minimised.
• Scarce resources must focus on opportunities that can be won.

Identify & focus early on opportunities you can win.

Better Qualify Portfolios

• veeuu provides a platform which makes a significant contribution to the challenges of effective bid management.

• veeuu employs innovative techniques and proven processes which reflect the complex activities involved in managing a dynamic portfolio of opportunities.

Qualify & progress a dynamic portfolio of opportunities successfully.

Increase Your Win Rate

The objective of bid management is twofold:

• Deploy processes and techniques which will reduce operational overhead to a minimum.

• Ensure that genuine opportunities are given the appropriate levels of attention.

Effective bid management increases your win rate – veeuu is #1 in bid management.

A Hub of Sales & Delivery Intelligence

Access and contribute to a Hub of Sales and Delivery intelligence that will support you throughout the sales lifecycle, from lead identifications to win celebrations.

Built-In Sales Methodology & Analytics

Respond faster to queries, RFIs, RFPs and tenders using features, functions and structured information that enable a fast and efficient collaboration with the sales team.

Intuitive Dashboards

Start and focus your day on what really matters and close pursuits faster. Identify winning portfolios and strengthen your market strategy around them. Recognize key clients and key contacts then monitor activity levels.

Cloud Based & SaaS Model

Access data anywhere, anytime. Break-away from dependencies on “who you know”, access relevant case studies, white papers and historical data, dashboards and analytics anytime, anywhere.

Access The Most Advanced And Interactive Bid Management Platform Yet.

No more wading through emails looking for key contact names. No more shifting tons of documents looking for a winning presentation produced last year. No more endless searches for relevant case studies. It is all here. It is available anytime, anywhere. It accelerates the pace at which you deliver. It helps identifying and focusing on what really matters, and it increases the collaboration between sales functions and operations. It is our most advanced  and interactive presales platform yet.

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