Intuitive Dashboards

Start and focus your day on what really matters and close pursuits faster. Identify winning portfolios and strengthen your market strategy around them. Recognize key clients and key contacts then monitor activity levels.

I now know what the team works on and can tell them when to stop wasting their time

Business Development Director - Consultancy Firm

In a increasingly competitive environment there is no space for diluted focus, gut-feel or best-guess . Winners, make the right decisions fast. Successful organisations are off the starting blocks whilst others are shuffling through they bags looking for their running shoes.
Our in-built analysers enable to surface instantaneously the information that really matters.

Should you always bid?

Which opportunity needs focus this week?

Which portfolio of services is the largest in volume of sales?

Which one has the fastest sales cycle?

Who truly are your key clients and contacts?

These and many more are critical questions you ought to have answers for to have chance to win the race .